Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Free DIY Planner Printables and Mini Album Tutorial

Happy Tuesday!

I am so sorry I have been so inactive lately on uploading projects! I am in the middle of a very crucial important and busy time: we got a new puppy whom we are trying to acclimate to our current cat and raising, finishing my Masters in Accounting and sitting for the CPA. Regardless, I want to take the time to thank you for your sweet emails. I am glad that this page inspires you and hope to bring more inspiration once it all quiets down...fingers crossed I get a bit of a reprieve soon.

Anyways, I promised free DIY planner printables a while ago and here they are! I am including as PDF's which are just ready for printing and as .pubs. If you have Microsoft Publisher you will be able to fully edit, personalize, change colors...etc.

If you have any questions about how any of the files work feel free to live a comment below or use the Contact Form on the sidebar of this site!

Free Download Files (Printables):

2014 - 2015 small
Daily Blank

Monthly mini1
Monthly mini2

Weekly Pre-populated July 2014 July 2015


  • Papers used where from the Lori Whitlock For the Record 2
  • Chipboard
  • Cinch
  • Cinch spiral (1 inch)
  • Three full pieces of 8.5" x 11" CS
  • Printer
  • About 23 sheets of printer paper

Video Tutorial:

Direct youtube video link: http://youtu.be/oSQr3kG9sSA



  1. Hello! I love the little mini planner. But I think you put the wrong PDF link for the Weekly Pre-populated July 2014 July 2015 pages, which is the last one shown on this page. I really wanted to print this one out. Can you please post the link? :-) Thank you!

  2. I was also looking forward to using this planner but the Weekly Pre-populated July 2014 - July 2015 link is not correct. Will you please post the correct link?


Questions or comments always welcomed!

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