Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WV Living - House Preview - Scrapbooking hiatus coming to an end

Happy Thursday!

Normally I bring scrapbook or craft videos to my channel and blog but today I have a life update: for many who don't know our family has relocated from busy and metropolitan Dallas, TX to the wild and wonderful West Virginia.

It was not an easy move to say the least - we sold our house in Texas, moved our two quadrupeds (german shepherd and tuxedo kitty), started our new jobs and finally bought and moved into our new house. This being said, I have had to take a temporary hiatus and focus on our family move. I miss crafting terribly, and have all these ideas bouncing around in my head. Thankfully, the move included a scrapbook room for me! ;) (top negotiator in the house!)

The house is a new construction (totally new concept for us considering our TX home was a 1984), and we have over doubled our square footage. Our furniture and us included will look tinsy tiny for a LONG while, but little by little we hope to decorate and furnish the house with just the right things.

For now, I know a lot of our friends and family want to see our house and may not be able to visit as soon as we would like them to (or move, preferably...please move, we miss you. And please bring Torchy's Tacos, Bread Zeppelin and Snappy Salads with you). So without further ado, I leave you with a few pictures from the listing, a video and our love.

The Enz's.


Video Tutorial:

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